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The Sage Projects - Sustainable Living Urban Ecovillages

Introduction: The Sage Projects is a place to grow, and connects citizens who are environmentally conscious with the resources they need to implement and share methods of sustainable living. Our mission is to develop urban ecovillage intentional communities to promote healthy sustainable living spaces that are low cost and sustainable longterm by using resources in healthy and efficient ways. Community spaces will provide training workshops, green building opportunities, holistic health modalities, permaculture education, and social support. Keep reading to find out how to get involved.

The mission of The Sage Projects is to help empower citizens with the resources they need to implement and share innovative sustainable processes in a pay it forward manner to help restore the environment, social health, and vitality of communities and the planet in three ways. First, we teach property managers how to transform living spaces using a variety of innovative new methods that lower overall monthly expenses by lowering utility bills, lower consumption of fossil fuels, and lower pollution. We have tested these systems and lowered utility bills fifty percent or more. The biggest fossil fuel polluters are vehicles, jet planes, and buildings, so we are doing what we can. Second, we teach how to live in a ecovillage, how to find off-grid income opportunities, free housing, and free food. Third, our goal is to have several urban ecovillages in the USA in a variety of different climates.

Half of the world is living in extreme poverty. For those of us who are not living in poverty, our way of living is cannabilizing on Mother Earth. To acheive our goals at TSO, we need financial support while we work to provide education, housing, and income opportunities. The goal of the people of Earth is to be a Level One sustainable society that does not cannibalize its biosphere for its people to live. Currently we are at Level Zero. Energy systems will be changing to help make that happen faster.

Find more time to follow your dreams. Maybe you have a great income but work too many hours? Bills too high to save money for the future? Over the last five years we have had hundreds of people asking us how they can move to our ecovillage. We will be offering a few valuable book that show people how to lower their cost of living and cost of travel while living in more healthy and sustainable ways.

Let's live and work in a loving co-creative fashion rather than one that involves destructive competition. In a system where money is not necessary, everything changes. Work in cooperation rather than competition or entitlement. People are waking up to thousands of years of social programming of the capitalist system we are all born into and democracy will not save us. We need to create a united community that works for the benefit of all. Doing this is a liberating journey of self discovery while sharing it with others. We are moving into a transitional period. Better systems and new technologies are available and as they are brought to light, most people will want to know more.

More and more information will be available that will stimulate people to embrace new ideas.

Through sharing experience, education, experimentation, trial and error, and discovery, a great deal of progress can be made in positive ways while we work toward a sustainable Earth and a Level One Society. Daily living does not have to be expensive or cause pollution to the environment. Most of us are, or have been renters. The cost of home maintenance, utilities, land, and taxes are making it more and more difficult to own a home. Some of us have worked in Real Estate, Construction, or have been been managers of properties. We have been comparing notes and sharing experience and information about the cost of living over the years and comparing that to living in a ecovillage. By helping share information about off grid living systems, some of us now have no utility bills, or have reduced them by more than fifty percent in traditionally designed older buildings. It is possible to lower our cost of living while having more free time to enjoy personal interests but it takes the right kind of education. When it comes to a sustainable planet, there are better choices out there than what you usually see advertised by large companies looking to make a profit.

Communities: Many people do not want to live in a way that causes more pollution. There are alot of people talking about sustainability and some have come together to create ecovillages for sustainable living. We spend our vacation time in remote ecovillages that have a low cost of living, organic gardens, and fresh eggs and dairy. That is how we prefer to live, but most people need to live near a large city for employment opportunities.

Our intention is to create a few similar places that are close to urban centers while living in a quiet country setting in a sustainable way. We have found some ideal locations that are quiet and peaceful and close to public train systems. Co-housing and ecovillage living has been done successfully in places that we visit, but they are not close to urban centers. The Sage Project is not a commune and is not affiliated with any religious groups. We are a peaceful intentionally community where theft and abuse against others will not be tolerated.

The Earth has had life for over 700 million years. From the time man invented the airplane to the time the first nuclear bomb was dropped on a city was only fifty years. Our technological development has gotten way ahead of our social and spiritual development. We have become dangerous to ourselves and others and to the biosphere of the earth. All of this is unnecessary. Its time to work together for the common good. New developments are here but they take time to take hold for a variety of reasons. Fuel cell vehicles and wind turbines were developed many years ago but are not yet mainstream.

Our urban ecovillage plan is designed to be a not for profit organization that is self funding to create a lower cost of higher quality living with systems maintained by members and supporters. We are not concerned about how large our network becomes. Our intention is to provide education by example and allow it to grow and pay it forward.

Experience: Some of our friends are builders, gardeners, and renewable energy experts. After visiting ecovillages for many years, we are making an effort to start an urban ecovillage of small low maintenance off grid homes surrounded by organic gardens supporting a CSA. A CSA is a small business that sells freshly picked organic garden produce to the local community. We have found some areas around the United States where we can develp an urban ecovillage close to urban centersn while still living in a quiet country setting. The land taxes are higher when you are closer to an urban center, so we plan to use funds from the CSA, workshops, and a bread and breakfast to help cover that cost. Our utility bills will be almost zero using the new energy systems we have tested. Our property taxes will be low because the cost is shared between residents. Living in small spaces also reduces the need for utilities like electricity and water.

Solar Electric: By living in smaller homes, we lower our need for heat and air conditioning which makes it easier to be off grid. When the local fossil fuel power plant runs less, it produces less pollution. With the latest technology we can now use a solar powered air conditioner that works well for a small living space for under $1200. If the living space gets bigger, a larger system is needed which costs more. For basic electricity it is fairly simple to have a low cost portable solar generator.

Respect and Equality: We do not follow any religion and work to maintain a peaceful atmosphere. We follow the Golden Rule: treat others how you would want to be treated. We have a policy of nonviolence. We have a no tolerance policy for physical and mental abuse. Some of us are experienced social facilitators. Yelling or fighting in anger is not allowed because it disturbs others when we live in close quarters. To most spiritually minded people and also many atheists, life is sacred. Mindful critical thinking should be used before taking actions that could harm others.

"Today, we have access to highly advanced technologies, but our social and economic system has not kept up with our technological capabilities that could easily create a world of abundance, free of servitude and debt."
-Jacque Fresco

"We're running into a lot of new problems today because of what we emphasize in this culture. The word 'success' to the average person means earning a lot of money and having a home, two cars, children in college. Success to me is entirely different to what success is to the average person. Success is being a successful human being in terms of pursuing what you believe in. If you believe in making paintings, writing poetry, writing music. If this is what you really want, you're successful to yourself. But to be successful to your culture means to sell yourself short of what you really want." - Jacque Fresco

EcoHomes: Eco Homes are small sustainably designed homes that artfully blend high and low-tech features throughout in an eco-savvy demonstration of attractive, comfortable and energy-efficient living. An eco home can be beautiful, healthy, and sustainably efficient. Eco Home Designers are artful spaces with chemical senstivity and wholistic sustainability in mind, brilliantly wrapped around an exterior courtyard for an inspiring mix of functional minimalism and expansive space. Each primary living space extends into the outdoor courtyard as the social, physical, and conceptual core of the house.

Natural breezes ventilate the home, and tubes hidden below radiantly heat the floor as needed. Select noble gases inside the windows help mediate the sun's rays. Walls come insulated with high tech insulation with custom designed sun barriers for enhanced comfort, illuminated by LEDs and skylights.

"Thousands of candles can be lighted from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared." -Buddha

Ecovillage Vacations: We spend time at ecovillages in a few states across North America in rural areas for our annual vacations because they are very relaxing and fun. Taking a nap in a hammock, hiking mountain trails, bathing in a waterfall, meeting new like minded friends, sitting around a bonfire at night, getting a massage, sauna, group discussions, eating organic meals from the gardens, and taking showers in an outdoor solar heated shower is alot more fun than sitting in a hotel room. Its a drag to come back to the city and not be able to live like that all the time. In some locations this ecovillage land is many acres of mountain forest adjacent to ancient native american sacred land. They are used as retreats where people come to build up their health and eat fresh organic foods from the gardens. They are off grid and all electricity is produced with clean energy systems. The mineral rich water comes from mountain springs.

Testing: We would like to see Urban Ecovillages in different locations with living spaces that include both cohousing and individual spaces, year round organic food production, and common spaces for workshops. Our personal research, design, and developments includes spending time in ecovillages and retreat centers across the country over the years. We have several home and garden designs and have tested food production and clean and green energy methods to find out what works and what does'nt. It has been a long journey, many hours of work, the personal expenses of travel and buying books and paying for workshops, but the benefits of knowing what works and having skills and know-how is worth the effort.

Efficiency: People talk about the problems of the world, but are sometimes confused about what we can do about it. What seems to be lacking is strategic thinking and a system of sharing knowledge of what really works. Many of us would like to have an off-grid sustainably designed home and garden, but cannot afford it because of the rising cost of homes, rentals, and the loss of jobs overseas; however, working together as a group we believe we can accomplish that opportunity and keep it long-term. We have seen successful examples in remote locations but would like to live in urban areas for employment, educational, and social opportunities.

Environment: Many people do not want to live in a way that causes more pollution for the environment. There are alot of people talking about sustainability so lets work together to create a low cost of higher quality living while working toward a Level One Society for the Earth.




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